Seagrass Ashes Caskets

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Strands of seagrass are twisted together and then woven around a frame to form the rectangular and round ashes caskets. Each casket is finished with a well-fitted lid, toggle and loop closures and a natural drawstring cotton ashes bag.

External Measurements: W31cm x D23cm x H20cm


As the name implies, seagrass is indeed a grass, and seawater does play a part in the production. Seagrass is grown in paddy fields, at a certain point during the growing season, the fields are flooded with seawater. It is highly renewable and comes from environments where sustainability practices are employed. Once harvested, the seagrass is dried and spun into strong yarns ready for weaving. A misconception that seagrass wicker is taken from the sea isn’t true and potentially damages the livelihoods of seagrass farmers.

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Rural basket-making cooperatives handcraft our wicker coffins in two small villages on the outskirts of Surakarta and Cirebon. Production is split between two parts, with the rattan framing done by traditional Indonesian furniture framers and the weaving part of the process handled by artisans specialising in weaving. The different skills are combined to create a beautiful yet functional product. The process requires a reasonable degree of collaboration between parts of the community so that the finished coffins are ready for transportation.

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How To Order

As a provider to the funeral trade, we supply directly to funeral homes throughout the UK. Please follow the steps below, we aim to deliver our wicker coffins within 24 hours.

  1. Make your product choice by selecting the shape and style of your product.
  2. Get in touch with your local funeral director. You can find a local provider on our Find A Funeral Director page
  3. Discuss your product selection with your local provider, and the funeral director will contact us to place an order.