Who We Are

Our journey began in Somerset in 1959 when we made our first woven basket. Four generations later, our family business remains committed to producing items of exceptional quality. Many years ago, we established our Natural Woven Coffins range, providing families with an alternative to traditional choices, offering a sustainable yet beautiful option for a loved one.

Heritage and Craftsmanship

From the beginning, our heritage and craftsmanship have played a crucial role in our dedication to making exceptional items whilst retaining time-tested principles.


As part of our ongoing ethos, we carefully source the materials used in the production of our coffins to promote strong sustainability and to ensure the quality of our coffins is of the highest standards. The materials used in our production are natural, renewable and biodegradable.

Our Materials


The wicker coffins within our ranges are produced under our fairtrade policy, which sets out the ten principles of fairtrade. These principles govern our supplier relationship to ensure that every coffin we make is sourced under sound ethical conditions, promoting long-term growth and sustainability.

Responsible Sourcing