Our Story

Our journey began in Somerset in 1959 when we made our first woven basket. Four generations later, our family business remains committed to producing items of exceptional quality. Many years ago, we established our Natural Woven Coffins range, providing families with an alternative to traditional choices, offering a sustainable yet beautiful option for a loved one.

Our Sustainability

Sustainability is important to us, which is why the materials used in our coffins have been chosen for their renewable and biodegradable properties. Materials such as willow, bamboo and cane rapidly regenerate once harvested. Some materials, such as banana leaf and cocostick, are by-products of fruit farming and would otherwise be discarded.


Responsible Sourcing

What matters to us is how and where our coffins are made. We want our suppliers to feel good about the work they do, and in return, we also want to feel good about the work they do for us. We believe this view leads to a more progressive understanding between suppliers and producers, which sets the foundation for a long-standing and reciprocal relationship.

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Our Production

Our production workshops are based on the Indonesian island of Java, the most populous inhabited island of the 17,000 islands which make up Indonesia.

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Giving Back

As part of our endeavour to support the rural community who make our coffins, we donate 10% of the proceeds of every coffin to the Yayasan Usaha Mulia foundation. Our direct partnership with the Yayasan Usaha Mulia foundation enables us to support projects which benefit the local community where our coffins are made.

Giving Back