Where Our Coffins Are Made

Our Production

Our production workshops are based on the Indonesian island of Java, the most populous inhabited island of the 17,000 islands which make up Indonesia. The country is regarded as the largest rattan furniture manufacturer worldwide and has been a centre for basket production, producing a variety of wicker items.

Skilled Artisans

Rural basket-making cooperatives handcraft our wicker coffins in two small villages on the outskirts of Surakarta and Cirebon. Production is split between two parts, with the rattan framing done by traditional Indonesian furniture framers and the weaving part of the process handled by artisans specialising in weaving.


The different skills are combined to create a beautiful yet functional product. The process requires a reasonable degree of collaboration between parts of the community so that the finished coffins are ready for transportation.

How Our Coffins Are Made

Giving Back

We are passionate about giving back to the local community that produces our coffins, which is why we donate 10% of our proceeds to the Yayasan Usaha Mulia foundation. The foundation assists in aiding infrastructure projects within the local communities where our coffins are made.

Giving Back