Responsible Sourcing

What matters to us is how and where our coffins are made. We want our suppliers to feel good about the work they do, and in return, we also want to feel good about the work they do for us. We believe this view leads to a more progressive understanding between suppliers and producers, which sets the foundation for a long-standing and reciprocal relationship.

Our Pledge

Part of our pledge to fairtrade is that our suppliers work with us directly to adhere to our fairtrade policy. Our fairtrade policy sets out the ten principles of fairtrade, which governs the relationship with our suppliers.

Supplier Review

Together we work with our suppliers annually, reviewing their working practices. During this period we encourage our suppliers to discuss; fair pricing, working conditions and opportunities. Throughout the review, we always consider the ten principles of fair trade.

Fairtrade Principles

We want to ensure our suppliers understand the ten principles of fair trade, which are enshrined in our fair trade policy. These are; creating opportunities, transparency and accountability, paying a fair price, fair trading practices, ensuring no child labour or forced labour is employed, commitment to non-discrimination, ensuring good working conditions, providing capacity building, and promoting fair trade and respect for the environment


Fairtrade Policy